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Journeys and Expectations: 1-day Childbirth Intensive

April 4 from 11:00AM - 4:00PM
In this comprehensive 5 hour session we will explore and prepare for childbirth by discussing what birth really looks like so that we can manage our expectations and feel informed about the choices available to us.

Our relaxed environment allows space for questions and discussion and fosters the creation of a plan to help us work toward realizing our birth goals.

Together we will address our fears so that we can walk forward with confidence and information that will make us feel strong and empowered about the choices that resonate with who we are.

Topics Covered:
Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology of Birth
Signs and Symptoms of Labor
When to Call the Provider
Pain Coping Strategies and Positions for Labor
Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

**Sliding Scale Available - Please inquire as ALL birthing persons MUST have the opportunity to prepare for childbirth to know their options and to create a path toward achieving their goals!
1-Day Childbirth Intensive per Birthing Partner - $225