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Journeys and Expectations Childbirth Preparation Series

April 17 from 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Acorn Community Birth & Wellness Center 577 E. Elder Street, Suite H, Fallbrook, CA
Journeys and Expectations...
3 part childbirth preparation series
April 3rd, 10th, and 17th

Taught by Annie Higdon - Doula, Midwife, Body Worker

Over the course of three weeks we will focus on the ins and outs of childbirth, tailored to the needs of the individuals present and broken down in to segments to allow for integration and unfolding curiosity.
This conversational and laid-back workshop environment is welcoming to all expectant parents and is appropriate for those choosing to birth in any setting.

Birth is a journey from which we are returned forever changed - it is filled with amazing opportunity!

Preparing for what to expect and how to navigate the unexpected allows us to settle-in to our birth environment without fear and restriction.
With information gathered we can release our thinking minds and let our bodies instinctively perform their most magical processes.
Partner support is one of our biggest assets in coping with the intensity of labor, together we will boost team communication and connection.
We will dial into the Psychology as well as the Anatomy and Physiology of birth to increase our knowledge and understanding of what we can experience in labor and why.
Exploring our fears and the choices available to us works to promote relaxation and comfort surrounding the unknown.
Pain-Coping is a physical and mental challenge, we will work with skills and methods to help keep ahead of the intensity.

Aim to walk away from this series feeling confident and excited about reaching your birth goals!